Youth stand for Turkey's fight against with violence, extremism, terrorism, radicalization


A hackathon will be organized with the participation of experts and postgraduates in the areas of computer science and IT, who will develop easy applications and software intended for CVE efforts. Such applications and software might help mapping efforts as well as tracking and providing assistance.
Execution: Following Hackathon contest will be launched with a call for applications from the student groups to send a portfolio consisting of expression of interest, brief summary intended project and reference letters. Out of the initial applications 15 groups will be pre-selected phase by a key expert in the area as well as two researchers. Each group will be composed of 3 participants one of whom would have a social science background. A 24-hour hackathon will be organized in TOBB Economics and Technology University-Ankara where the participants will develop and present their outputs. There will be a contest for best applications, based on the following criteria: innovativeness, easiness, being able to respond to a key need in the field, and being able to be used at practical level. The winning applications and/or software will be presented at the project web site.
Expected outcome: Hackathon will provide concerned parties with much needed software and applications that can be further developed to bolster CVE efforts.

Among Universities

Competition between 15 different universities

Theory to Practice

Software and application development opportunity

Team Work

15 groups of three people


Social and computer science participants

Event Calendar

Call 25/12/2019-24/02/2020

Call for Applications

pre-selectıon 25/02/2020-28/02/2020

Pre-selection workings

announcement 28/02/2020-28/02/2020

Pre-selection results announced

Competition 21/03/2020-22/03/2020

Hackathon Competition

About Hackathon

  • What is Hackathon?

    Hackaton is an event in which students, software developers and computer science experts work on a project to develop small applications in an environment of competition with other groups.

  • Application Requirements

    - In this activity, developing an application that can be used especially against the use of the Internet for terrorism, the fight against extremism and radicalization, including violence, counter-narrative development, etc. is expected.

    - The idea of the project must be original and the code should not have been used for commercial purposes and should be developed for the hackathon.

    - The projects will be presented before the jury at the end of the contest. Members of the jury will be informed about the data utilized in the project, in which platform the project implemented and the other technical issues.

    - Personnel of TOBB ETU and TEPAV and their immediate relatives can not apply for the contest.

    - People who are under the age of 18 can not apply for the contest.

  • Who can apply?

    Groups consisted of experts and students in the areas of computer science and IT as well as social sciences can apply for the event.

  • Accommodation, Travels and Food Service

    - Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by the orginizing committee and the competitors will be informed about the process.

    - You can bring your sleeping-bags and mats to take a rest on the night of the contest.

    - There will be food service during the contest.

  • What's next after the Hackathon?

    The winners will be announced and their projects featured at the project web site. Moreover, they will be introduced in the conclusion workshop.

  • Contact Information

    Telephone: 0 312 292 40 00 (Extension 5339)
    Facebook: @gencdurus2020
    Twitter: @gencdurus2020

Such applications and software might help mapping efforts as well as tracking and providing assistance.