Youth stand for Turkey's fight against violence, extremism, terrorism, radicalization


Youth Stand

This website is the gateway to the project, entitled Enhancing Turkish Counter-Terrorism Capacity: Youth Dimension which also symbolizes the Youth Stand against terrorism. This website will provide information about the project, and disseminate the output from the activities. It will handle announcements, online applications, communications regarding the selection process, etc.

The project will apply the emerging international best practices in countering violent extremism (CVE), particularly those meant to fight the messages of extremist terror groups in the cyber space that are breeding online radicalization. The project will implement some novel events, namely Peer to Peer (P2P), Webinars on Radicalization and Visual Content Competition. The online applications, and small projects which will be developed under these activities will serve as effective tools, prompting the youth to understand, take a stance against, and think about how they can contribute to the CVE efforts.

Through these activities, the project aspires to propose ideas for the formulation of a comprehensive multi-dimensional approach for CVE threats. The organizers hope to contribute toward fighting forces of radicalization among the youth, helping capacity building at civil society and public level, and enhancing the societal resilience.

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Advise from Experts

After a review of project proposals by the expert advisors from different disciplines, the student groups that will proceed to the next step will be determined.

Competition and Cooperation

Groups that proceed to the next step will compete in the contest.

Project Support

Financial support for the elected student groups' projects will be provided, so that they can cover  the necessary preparatory expenses as part of their projects. Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by the organizing committee.


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