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About Project

The eight-month-long project entitled “Enhancing Turkish Counter-Terrorism Capacity: Youth Dimension” will be carried out by The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) with the contributions of TOBB University of Economics and Technology and with the support of the US Embassy in Ankara.

The project will utilize the emerging international best practices in countering violent extremism (CVE), particularly those meant to fight the messages of extremist terror groups in the cyber space that are breeding online radicalization. The project will implement some novel events, namely Peer to Peer (P2P), Webinars on Radicalization and Visual Content Competition. Within the scope of these events two different contests will be organized. Under these activities, online applications and small projects are expected to be developed. Through the applications and projects which will be developed, it is aimed to prompt the youth to better understand the CVE, take a stance against extremism and make them think about how they can play a more active role in spreading this stance.

As it is appeared from the goals, the project aspires to propose original ideas for the formulation of a comprehensive multi-dimensional approach for CVE threats through the activities and the developed tools. Moreover, helping capacity enhancement at the civil society and public levels and contributing to the efforts against the factors that trigger radicalism among youth by increasing social strength are amongst the main goals of the project.

This website, which is the main interaction platform of the project, symbolizing the Youth Stand by reflecting the counter-terrorism perspective of the youth, will provide information regarding the activities in the context of the project. At the same time, it will handle announcements, online applications, communications regarding the selection process, etc.

The Youth Stand web site is supported by the U.S. Embassy, Ankara through “Enhancing Turkish Counter-Terrorism Capacity: Youth Dimension” project. The content of this web site does not reflect the official opinion of the U.S. Government, TEPAV and TOBB Economics and Technology University.

Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the Project Team of “Enhancing Turkish Counter-Terrorism Capacity: Youth Dimension” project.